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Export Controls Practice

U.S. export control laws are currently undergoing rapid and unprecedented revisions. Stagg P.C. offers clients unique value with a diverse and forward-looking approach that differentiates itself from other practices. In particular, the firm's lawyers and advisors were former government regulators at the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC). This experience involved administering and enforcing export control laws, as well as re-writing the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) for Export Control Reform. As such, our background and perspective helps to guide companies through opaque government procedures and by advancing their interests before the agencies.

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Strategic Representation

The role of government affairs on export control issues is rapidly increasing. With deep experience on the government side of the equation, we help companies advance and protect their interests by developing effective strategies that anticipate and address government concerns. For example, we have worked with companies to ensure that new regulations excluded their activities, thereby opening markets and lowering regulatory risk.

Agency Appeals

With judicial review rarely an option, the agency appeal is of critical importance to reverse an adverse action but it involves highly-opaque government procedures. With our government experience, we provide "last resort" legal counsel in these special situations to seek reversal of adverse agency actions, such as enforcement matters, regulatory interpretations and commodity jurisdiction (CJ) or classification (CCATS) cases.

Jurisdiction & Classification

Jurisdiction and classification is the starting point for all export control issues, and the new rules under Export Control Reform have greatly altered the approach. With significant government and private sector experience, we help companies resolve jurisdiction and classification issues. For example, we developed an enterprise-wide jurisdiction and classification program with a major defense prime that increased compliance and reduced risk.

Risk Management & Compliance

Not only does it further legal compliance but an effective risk management and compliance program can save companies significant time and resources by catching potential violations before they occur. Our risk management programs help companies to focus on their business activities while having confidence in their compliance systems, which reduces the risk of violations as well as costly disclosures and investigations.

Enforcement Matters

When a potential violation is discovered, we help companies to identify whether an actual violation of export control laws took place. If so, we advise on the implementation of corrective actions to reduce further risk of repeat violations. For government investigations, we advise companies on managing an otherwise highly-opaque area that concerns various disclosures and representations to the government.

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